About Me

Hiya & Welcome.

Hi there, my name is Emmy & welcome to my little blog. I live in the dreaded north - Glasgow to be exact - in the kind of flat I always dreamed of living in. Born in England, I moved around a lot, spent a lot of time in Spain before deciding to cut ties and escape to Scotland. I intended to settle but I do have such itchy feet, so who knows how long I'll be here?

A lot of things have changed in my life recently, so I wanted to give a blog a go. I do love a new adventure.

& Seven Facts About Me.

  1. Seven, three, thirteen & seventeen are my favourite numbers.
  2. I love a good bargain.
  3. I'm an army brat and a RAF girlfriend. Neither is easy, both are worth it.
  4. My favourite colour is blue.
  5. I fell in love with Glasgow more than I ever expected to.
  6. But I dream of a home on the English coast.
  7. The future terrifies me, but bring it on!

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